Friday, August 01, 2008

Dark Whispers: Unicorn Chronicles book 3 Bruce Coville

This book was amazing. It "officially" hit stores today. I finished my copy over a week ago. I was amazed at how worth the six plus year wait.
When Song of the Wanderer book two in the series came out, I was a small chubby seventh grader. Now I'm a chubby 5'7" year three of college student.
And yet this book was just as important to me. I waited the years checking the Unicorn Chronicles website.
I read and reread the first two books. Then finally bought myself paperback copies of them. Now I want the matching editions of hardcovers.
Yes, this is the first hardcover that I wouldn't trade for a paperback if you paid me.
It again follows Cara Diana Hunter, who has informed the old queen that the Wanderer is weary, and then traveled across Luster to the cave of the last Dragon of Luster to bring the Wanderer home. She has reconnected with the father who "deserted" her though he has joined the hunt for the unicorns led by the ancient Beloved.
Now Beloved has one of the Queen's Five, the amulets that allow the wearer to travel freely between Earth and Luster "Luster take me home" "Luster let me go".
The old queen has faded and a new queen has taken her place, Amalia Flickerfoot, formerly known as Ivy Morris, Cara's grandmother. Cara is very special a hated hunter as well as the granddaughter of the Queen.
Now her grandmother sends her to discover when and where Beloved plans to begin the Last Hunt. As well as who the Whisperer is.
The book is really well written and Coville once again proves why he's in my top five favorite authors.
The only part I didn't like aside from Finder(a unicorn)'s death, was what he did with my adored bear-man, the Dimblethum.
I am waiting impatiently for the next one!

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