Sunday, February 20, 2022

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Reading Goals

Years ago, my mother and I sat down and tried to figure out how many books I had read in a year.
Best we could figure was around 800-1200 or so. 
Other years I've tried to hit two books a day.
This year I decided... I think I'd like to do a book a day. However I'm in my 30's, work full time and have other things to do besides just read... So I figured half of that sounds good. Half of 365 is 182.5 so round up and call it 183.
I'm currently at 42 on this the 43 day of the year.
Granted a large number of those were Middle Grade but considering I didn't crack a book until the 6th of January not too shabby. And I also haven't counted everything.
Maybe I've got a shot at 365 after all.
I also don't remember what every book was but at some point I'll compile something of a list.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

What's Becky Reading Today

I already finished Ghost Hunters Spirit Fire it was spectacular. So now onto the other ghost story that came out this week.
I'm saving the new In Death til I've got some time off to really dig into it.
I'll do a post on Spirit Fire later.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Ghost Hunters Spirit Fire

I missed one.
Sadly one of the ones I'm most excited about.
I got the first book in this series from NetGalley. It was absolutely wonderful. They're set in an alternate United States where ghosts are real and dangerous.
The first one is all about a boy suddenly developing psychic abilities after a fatal car accident and his training after the incident. From Ghost Hunters Bones in the Wall to book two Ghost Hunters Pirate's Curse they're well written the characters feel like real kids and they're for once, aimed at the exact right audience. They're the perfect Middle Grade ghost stories. And the author is perfectly capable of writing YA and adult novels too as she has some of those as well.
September is going to be a good month for books. 

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Fall New Releases

There are a lot of good new releases coming soon. I've made a list of upcoming books I'm most excited for. This list will cover September - December 2021. I will do a winter list soon covering January- March 2022.
JD Robb Forgotten in Death (In Death Series 53) September 7th. I've loved every book in this series. I've read books 1-52 and plan to read 53 as soon as I'm done with work at 3pm on September 7th. 
Mary Downing Hahn The Thirteenth Cat September 7th. Mary Downing Hahn writes amazing ghost stories. I generally would recommend them for 9-10 and up but they're usually marketed as Middle Grade or Children's books. They tend to be a bit too scary for me to recommend them for younger audiences.
Christine Feehan Annihilation Road Torpedo Ink Book 6 September 28th Definitely adults only. Rather graphic romances. I enjoy them but they're probably a little spicy for some.
Lyndsay Sands Mile High with a Vampire September 28th. I love this series. It got a tad dry for a few books but it's been spectacular again for the last 5-6. I'm expecting this one to be just as good.
Susan Mallery The Christmas Wedding Guest September 28th. Mallery wrote the Fool's Gold series, which for the most part was solid romances with a few potato chip style romances. 
John Flanagan The Ranger's Apprentice: Royal Ranger: Escape from Falaise November 2nd Everyone should read this series. EVERYONE.
Christine Feehan Dark Tarot November 9th I honestly don't know what number Carpathian book this is but I've read I believe all of them. I haven't liked all of then but I do love the series. Some of them are VERY DARK.
Jayne Ann Krentz as Jayne Castle Guild Boss November 16th It's been at least two and I think more like five years since the last Dust Bunny book (not actually the name of the series but it's what Mom and I call them). They're amazing. The dust bunnies alone would be worth it even if the books weren't amazing but the books are amazing.
Mercedes Lackey The Silver Bullets of Annie Oakley (The Elemental Masters Series) December 14th Honestly this isn't my favorite Lackey series. I haven't read the last probably 4 or so of them. I also haven't read the last full series of Valdemar either, still she seldom disappoints.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Looking forward to this one

I love John Flanagan books. Absolutely love them.
I discovered them quite by accident. The first copy I found had a boy who looked a bit like my brother on the cover and the description said "Alan will love this to me". He wasn't willing to read it.
My mother was. She loved it. So I read it. And I loved it.
Approximately 25 books later and I can't get over this cover.
Painted pony!!!
Also the Ranger horses in these books are full characters themselves. I'm hoping Abelard makes an appearance. Also that Abelard's Ranger makes it home. We all know Halt is my favorite character.
Alan did eventually read it and love it. So did my uncle. Its a family thing now.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The Namer of Spirits

Ash is a girl born with an interesting ability. She can sense things "real" name.
From blankets, to ironwood sticks. To the young boy from a different culture captured by her fellow villagers. To monsters.
Honestly I only requested an ARC of this because the cover was pretty, best decision I've made in a while.
It's spectacular. 
The world the book is set in is well set up and complex as worlds need to be to set up a good story.
Despite a fairly standard "I must fix this!" story line Namer of Spirits is a fast paced unique read that I'm really hoping will have a sequel. 
With so many seemingly standard tropes the book still manages to pull a few tricks from its sleeve. 
I would definitely recommend this to the target age audience as well as to adults who are fans of Middle Grade/Young Adult. 
And honestly I think my mom would like it too so also to grandmas.
Namer of Spirits By Todd Mitchell will be released on October 5th.
I received a free copy from NetGalley.